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Learn about us – the BEL Project. The goal of Bwoga Elementary Library (BEL) is to construct a library/literacy center in Bwoga a rural community in western Uganda, and equip it with books, computers, and staff so that the Bwoga community especially children may have a resourceful place where they can access books, and other opportunities to help them develop useful life skills. A basic library would be very beneficial to the Bwoga community.  It would offer them access to educational materials such as books.

Bwoga Elementary Library (BEL) will help instill among the Bwoga inhabitants especially the children, the desire to be long-life learners. This would in the end help people in Bwoga develop the knowledge not only to address the community’s trans-generational hunger, poverty, and social stigma challenges.

Bwoga Elementary Library Projects

Bwoga kids coming from the well to fetch water

About Us

About Bwoga Elementary Library – Bel Construction Work.

Meet the Team. About us & The Team

Abel Mukama - Director Bel Projects Uganda

Abel Mukama

Abel was born and raised in Bwoga Uganda. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics from Makerere University.

Peter Agaba

Peter Agaba

Peter was born and raised in Bwoga, Uganda. Today, Peter holds a Master of Arts degree in International Economics and Finance.

Haggaman John

John Hagaman

John is a Professor Emeritus of English at Western Kentucky University, where he met Peter when Peter enrolled in two of John’s.