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We have documented a few testimonies of some students like Julia who have already benefited from the BEL initiatives and are happy to share their story with the rest of the world. 

Julia's testimony

Julia, recent graduate of Kyambogo University Kampala

Julia is a recent graduate of Kyambogo University, Uganda’s second largest institution of higher learning. Earning a college degree is a dream that Julia never thought would come true. She grew up in the remote village of Bwoga in abject poverty. However, hardship did not deter her from working hard at school. Ironically, her promise in education presented a big challenge to her family. Public education in Uganda is not free, and many parents cannot afford school fees. This was the case with Julia’s parents. However, seeing her determination, her parents decided to sell part of their land to see Julia through high school. This was a difficult decision. Julia has five siblings who needed not only school fees, but also the land to grow food. After high school, would Julia’s dreams come to a dead end? Would the parents sell off their remaining piece of land to enable her to attend college? What would happen to her siblings? Luckily enough, after she sat out for two years after high school, Bwoga Elementary Library (BEL) project members–in particular, Peter and Sarah–offered a hand to cover all her college expenses, and Julia was able to graduate with a college degree. Currently, Julia is self-employed, dealing in retail sales. Julia says not only is she grateful for the support from the BEL team members, but also inspired to contribute to the BEL’s long-term successes, such as volunteering and leading projects to benefit Bwoga. Julia believes strongly that the BEL project will broaden and enrich the lives of the community, especially its children, and inspire them to breathe new life into the village.