Isaac Ahimbisibwe - Bwoga Elementary Project
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Isaac Ahimbisibwe
Assistant Director/Community Engagement

Growing up and starting schooling in an impoverished Bwoga village, Isaac worked hard to make it to Makerere University, and now, the University of California, Davis to pursue his PhD. He acknowledges how incredibly lucky he has been. During primary and secondary school, Isaac was rarely the best student in any level. However, unlike his classmates, his parents knew the importance of education, and whenever his dad travelled to a nearby city, he usually bought books for Isaac and his siblings although his dad could barely read English.  His father’s gifts greatly increased Isaac’s love for books. Isaac was most attracted to the BEL idea because it can expose the incredibly unlucky children in Bwoga to books, providing them a reading space and thus changing their aspirations. In addition, BEL will provide space for local women, girls, and youth with space for business and other life skills clubs.