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Joseph Kimeu
Co-founder /Communications Director

Joseph is a public school teacher, and a cofounder of BEL. Among his eight African siblings, he is the only one who had the opportunity to pursue education beyond middle school.

Joseph’s education was influenced by individuals such as the principal of Joseph’s primary school, who arranged that Joseph could live closer to school and receive school supplies and other needed materials. The principal and Joseph’s English teacher travelled to Nairobi and convinced Starehe Boys’ Centre, a high school, to admit Joseph.  After graduation, Joseph attended Berea College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Later, Joseph earned a master’s degree in mathematics and economics from Western Kentucky University; he is currently pursuing a Ph. D. there in curriculum and instruction.  Joseph believes strongly in the adage that “education is the great equalizer.”  He considers himself exceedingly fortunate for his educational opportunities. He can easily identify with many of Bwoga’s children, and this is the main reason why he is passionate about BEL.