Contact Info
Lovence Ainembabazi
Head of Gender Empowerment/Culture Programs

Lovence was born and raised in Kagoro-Nyakera, Uganda, a village like Bwoga. Growing up in a rural village, Lovence witnessed the gender inequalities of boys being prioritized for everything including education, leadership, community involvement, and entrepreneurship. These inequalities left girls being prepared to be housewives, food growers, and home managers.

Currently, Lovence is a chemistry teacher with a master’s degree from Western Kentucky University and a bachelor’s degree from Makerere University in Kampala. The opportunity to study and work in the United States has opened her eyes to see what an empowered woman can achieve. For example, Lovence has seen significant projects that her female students accomplished. She has also seen female professors receive awards just like their male counterparts. This has left Lovence yearning to transmit her knowledge and skills about empowerment to girls and women in Uganda. Lovence will gradually achieve her dream with BEL projects of empowering women and young females through education, leadership, entrepreneurship, and community involvement.