Contact Info
Sarah Kimeu
Co-founder/Project Treasurer/Member of the board

Sarah is a cofounder of BEL, and a mother of three children. Growing up in Bwoga, Uganda, as the only girl among seven boys, Sarah was not given adequate support in her early formal education. Instead of being taught how to read and write well, she was mainly taught how to perform house chores such as cooking and babysitting.

Luckily for Sarah, her aunt–who earlier had the opportunity to attend school–realized how unsupportive such an environment was and advocated for Sarah to join a boarding elementary school where Sarah thrived. Sarah obtained a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree from Kyambogo University in Uganda, and later a master’s degree from Western Kentucky University where she secured an athletic scholarship.

Sarah believes strongly that if children are to fully develop their potentials, early foundations (including supportive environments) are crucial. This is the main reason why she is so passionate to work with BEL to help the children of Bwoga realize their dreams.