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BEL 2nd Annual Fundraiser - Virtual.

You are invited to the second virtual “Celebration of Bwoga Community!” hosted by the Bwoga Elementary Library! Friday, December 16, 2022 from 7:00-8:00pm EST Zoom link:  https://cgdev-org.zoom.us/j/84465614328 Featuring:
  • Stories from Bwoga
  • Cultural dance performance
  • BEL construction updates
  • Fun games
  • Silent auction
  • and more!

Please RSVP on the form below. We look forward to celebrating with you!


Our mission

The mission of the Bwoga Elementary Library (BEL) initiative is to build a library in Bwoga (a small village in western Uganda) and equip it with books, computers, and staff so that Bwoga children may have a resourceful place where they can access books, and other opportunities to help them develop useful life skills.

Artistic Impression
3D impression of the Bwoga Library currently under construction
Peter Meeting some students at Bwoga Primary School, Jan. 2018

Why BEL?

The village of Bwoga is a wonderful place, endowed with natural beauty, friendly people, and a rich variety of local foods. However, many of Bwoga’s children lack essential educational opportunities that would help them develop important life skills. The village of Bwoga, for example, has only one school—Bwoga Primary. Many of Bwoga’s children walk long distances to reach school, often miss school, or quit school altogether. Besides, the school is poorly equipped (for example, the school does not have a library or books that students could use to improve their reading skills), yet the students are expected to take the same national examinations as other students in the country. Many of Bwoga’s children lack aspirations for school and learning, mostly because there are no resources to help guide and inspire them. The BEL founder recognizes these challenges, and the need to provide such resources. He believes that an elementary library can be a great resource to the Bwoga community, and especially to its most valuable asset—the children. 

Our Founder

Hi. My name is Peter Agaba. I was born in Bwoga, and began my K-12 education at Bwoga Primary. We were many kids there as I recall, and the school did not have enough resources for us. For example, the school did not have books that we could read. My parents did not have any formal schooling but knew the importance of education. So, just before I started grade 4, they transferred me to a different school in another district. My new school was far. I walked about three miles to and from school every day. It was a challenging experience. By the time I reached home from school in the evening, I would be very tired, and at times unable to complete my homework well. My parents decided to transfer me again, this time, to a boarding primary school. I later earned admission to a top boarding high school in Uganda. With enough resources and support at high school, I excelled in academics and athletics. I would later earn athletics/academic scholarships to attend Western Kentucky University, and Brandeis University. Reflecting on my experiences growing up in Bwoga, and the opportunities that I had to be able to attend boarding schools, later American universities, and now working as a data analyst for sustainable packaging manufacturer Better Earth, I am reminded of how fortunate I have been. I have visited Bwoga and noticed that things have not changed much for the better—many children still do not have essential learning opportunities. This has led me to BEL; an initiative that I believe will help create a positive impact in Bwoga and beyond.

Peter Agaba, Founder

Peter Agaba, Founder BEL PROJECTS
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Ongoing Drives

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